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Slender, sleek and unique, the Lifeline Speedlane Open is an open optical turnstile with smart sensors that allow for tailgating detection which include alarm notifications. Fashioned without door wings for an advanced user-friendly and welcoming experience, the open-style facilitates faster thoroughfare and a compact footprint.


Companies, cultural institutions and public facilities increasingly want to systematically register the presence of employees and visitors in order to automate certain processes and increase the security of their premises. Whereby the design of the access control system plays a central role in more sophisticated work and experience environments. As one of the first stations on the way into the building it should underline the architectural aspiration and provide those entering with a friendly reception.

The FMT access control system from Magnetic was designed for precisely these applications. With its extremely slender design, its curved lines, and its unusual illumination at the base and on the frame edges it is ideal for integration in sophisticated architectures whilst, at the same time, the material makes a unique impression on first contact. Instead of cold and hard like stainless steel, feels soft and comfortable, emphasising the open character of the new generation of products.

Standards, however, are also set beneath the smart outer skin. With its intuitive control system, extraordinary range of functions, and future-oriented connections, the FMT redefines access control systems.



Capacity (per minute in one direction)

  • 20–30; dependent on access control system.

Standard unit size (w x l x h)

  • 160 x 760 x 1035 mm.

Standard dimensions

  • 615 mm passage width.

Level Up wide

  • 500 – 915 mm passage width, suitable for wheelchair use.


Security level

  • Medium – detect

Level Up Security

  • sound module



  • fire alarm connection


Standard finish

  • Stainless Steel

Level Up aesthetics

  • Other colours and branding


Power Supply

  • 110-240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

Operating Power

  • 50W

Operating temperature

  • -15°C / +5°F to +50°C / +122°F


  • 100 Kg



  • Approach sensors, Feedback signals Lifeline LED guidance