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Locking. Recording. Tracking

When we talk about a smart security system, we mean more than just a simple electronic lock! Our smart security system is a comprehensive solution, tailored to your specific needs.

Locking, long-range identification, theft alarms, remote-controlled unlocking, event recording, environment sensors, data logging, etc. mean that you benefit not only from enhanced security, but also from a solution that can be fully integrated into your system.


Interface for different Security  Container  types with RFID/PIN-Code electronic locking unit

Wheel blocking system, to activate via B-Button, or Emergency Button

Battery status monitoring (additional battery)

Foldable handle to reduce the height for packing in the security car

Big air wheels with 180mm diameter

Fast wheel change system

Slider up to 65cm  for security cars with big gap between  car floor and the road

Made of light metal with grey and blue plastic powder coating

Ready for upgrading to next levels with GPS-Tracking and Wheel-Blocker

Size of the trolley when handles are folded (L x B x H): 400 x 250 x 900 mm

Weight: 10 kg


Light metal body and steel sheet metal front door, with electronic RFID-Lock

SL1001, customized for 2 money boxes 1468, with one shelf in the middle.

Inner dimensions (approx. L x W x H): 380 x 360 x 1060 mm

Outer dimensions (approx. L x W x H): 450 x 400 x 1120mm

Volume capacity: 145 Litre

Empty weight: 17 kg

Payload (max. recommended): 70 kg


Aluminium container with integrated electronic lock; including 4 batteries; ready-to- operate

Inner dimensions (approx. L x W x H): 350 x 250 x 310 mm

Outer dimensions (approx. L x W x H): 400 x 300 x 340 mm

Volume capacity: 27 Litre

Payload (max. recommended): 40 kg

Empty weight: 3.9 kg


Electronic lock with RFID reader  and PIN-pad for identification, 2 LEDs and bee- per for user guidance and alarms, radio interface for data up- and download like user rights, events and configuration, RFID Long Range functionality, 3D-RFID- Tracking sensor, including closing bolt and batteries, ready-to-operate

Dimension (L x B x H): 195 x 156 x 53 mm

Weight: 800 g


Manage the containers

Manage access rights

Configure the electronic lock functions

Withdrawal from storage only by authorized persons

Warning if the return to storage is delayed

Documentation of the transition of responsibility for every container

Actual information on who has which containers

Theft monitoring while in storage

Evaluate the events, such as unlocking or alarms