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Innovative Locker Locks

Our innovative locking systems are valued across many industries, including hospitals, universities, commercial sites, and leisure facilities. From battery-powered to networked smart locks, we are sure to have a suitable solution for numerous applications. After decades of intensive research and development, we can guarantee a secure, reliable, and future-proof smart lock system, all to make locker management easy for you.

Complete Control

Eliminating the problems of jammed locks, members losing their keys or coins, or leaving their gym kit locked up for days, our electronic locking systems for lockers give operators complete control over their changing rooms while offering ease of use for customers. Never before has it been easier to gain control of your locker rooms!

Basic Battery-Operated

Clear status indication via push button position

Timed use – general opening function

Mobile version available – wireless and NFC interface

Vandal-proof installation

Intuitive and unique single-handed operation

NFC ready

Conventional alkaline batteries (3 to 5 years without battery change)

Various operating modes – freely selectable locker, personal locker, or time-limited locker

Simple retrofitting of existing lockers, no wiring, previous holes can be used

Mechanical interlock (motor) for maximum reliability

Configuration via PC, data carrier, or NFC (MoLA mobile app)

Advanced Battery-Operated

Maintenance-free “Low-Power Technology”

In-locker mounting of the lock

Extended battery life: up to 10 years

Automatic unlocking functionality

Pre-locking for personal lockers without data carrier

Suitable for left and right-hinged doors and a variety of locker material

Internal memory records the last 150 locker actions

Reliable data transmission between RFID reader and data carrier

Locking status indicated via LED and beeper

Configuration via PC/laptop (USB connection) or programming data carrier

Vandal-proof installation

Integrated break-in alarm

Battery-Powered Pin Code

With and without PIN-code keypad – mixed application

Network variant – wireless interface

Clear status indication via push button position

Elegant, low-profile design – intuitive operation

Maintenance-free “Low-Power Technology”

Simple retrofitting of existing lockers, no cabling, previous holes usable

Mechanical lock (motor) for highest reliability

Configuration via PC/laptop, data carrier, or NFC

Master card handling also with PIN-code variant

Networked Lock

Operation via RFID data carrier or NFC device

All popular RFID technologies (13.56 MHz and 125 kHz)

Different operating modes

Maintenance free: There are no batteries to replace, no maintenance fees to pay

Networked alarm and remote locker control

Two controller types for up to 12 or 24 locks per controller

Reliable data transmission between lock and data carrier

Standalone mode supported

Automatic calibration of the RFID field

LED status indicator (multicolor) and acoustic signaling

Motorized locking/unlocking for optimum reliability

No mechanical, internal switches

Suitable for left and right-hinged doors and all types of locker material

Vandal-proof installation

Different bolt sets available with integrated RFID booster

Custom labels for the locker door possible

The “USB” version is equipped with two USB ports to conveniently charge mobile devices